Investor Loan Source was designed with in mind, created by Real Estate Investors for Real Estate Investors. Our process is unique, as we place more emphasis on the hard asset and value of the collateral (property) and less on the borrower. Your customer experience matters to us; this is why our loan products were created to meet the needs of today’s investor, why our office staff is reliable and highly trained, and why we have simplified a typically arduous process.


You're Pre-Approved*

Terms & Conditions

As an asset-based lender, all prospective borrowers are pre-approved for 6-month rehab loans of up to $500,000 - subject to the following conditions:

  • Loan Amount does not exceed 70% of appraisal after-repair value.
  • Property to be used as collateral is acceptable to Investor Loan Source (ILS)
  • Borrower is in good standing with ILS (has not defaulted on a loan, is not currently behind on a loan/loans)

The Most Innovative and Comprehensive Loan Product Suite for Investors


  • Online Application - Our Convenient and simple online-only loan application collects the minimum information required to evaluate your deal. We stay in close contact, and our professional team always provides 5-star services.
  • The Loan Process - Once all documents are filled out we then quickly verify and validate all of the information. If all required fields are complete, a pre-approval response will come within 24 hours.
  • Quick Approval & Closing - We will evaluate your application and conduct the necessary research to ensure your deal's potential for cash flow. If your deal qualifies, we support and fund you quickly! If the deal is not good, we're honest and give detailed feedback.

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