Investing in Transitional Properties With Hard Money Loans

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“Transitional property” is a newly coined term for something that’s been around for ages. It poses bigger risks than typical properties, but its return on investment is better.

What Qualifies as a Transitional Property?

It’s a structure or piece of land that’s changing from one type of real estate to another. Some examples include an old townhouse that’s being transformed into an office space or a hunting ground being turned into a rice field. Interestingly, one of America’s most famous amusement parks, Disney World, was once a transitional property.

Residential buildings are usually transformed into business establishments because of commercialization. The ambient noise makes the place less desirable to live in, while new customers and high foot traffic bring in opportunities for local trade.

What Makes It a Good Investment?

The most valuable part of this real estate is the land. Its value rapidly increases as the area advances out of residential and into commercial zoning. That means you can sell the lot for a higher price over time and earn back the money you received from hard money lenders faster.

You can also construct other kinds of buildings if the existing one doesn’t fit your purpose. In addition, if the residential structures in the transitional property are well-maintained, they can make suitable rental investments.

How Do You Identify Investment-Worthy Buys?

While transitional properties are a good buy, not all make an excellent investment. You have to carefully study many things about the real estate you’re purchasing, including soil type, location, and existing commercial projects in the area. An urban developer and land expert can help you go through this.

Research your property market to identify which places are targeted for revitalization or gentrification. These will likely generate the most returns.

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Who Can Help You Fund Its Acquisition and Development?

Converting these types of real estate isn’t easy. It’s also a bit costly. You need a substantial amount of capital to fund a property’s acquisition, renovation, and total transformation if you’re planning to convert it into something else.

Bridge financing and hard money lending have been popular options for buyers who need quick funding to secure a deal. These loans are financed by private investors who see the value of a piece of real estate. When borrowing cash from them, be ready to explain how you’ll solve the property’s current issues and make a steady income out of it.

People with a bad credit history but considerable equity may still apply for a bridge or hard money loan. They may borrow cash for a short period until they qualify for refinancing.

How Do You Make Money?

Renting out a building is good business since it gives you a steady stream of income. However, keep in mind that the value of a transitional property eventually increases. That means you can make more money by selling or converting that piece of real estate at the right time. It’s crucial to monitor the demand for commercial properties in the area, which dictates the land’s appreciation value.

Many agents are still careful when buying and selling transitional properties, and they’d rather stay on familiar ground. But, these lands and structures are an excellent investment since they’re extremely profitable. Working with experts who know the real estate market will help you land a good deal. Contact Investor Loan Source today to secure your hard money loans in Houston.