Investing with ILS

Offering multiple investment opportunities ranging from active, semi-passive, to truly passive. To learn more click on the investment interest of your choice below or call us at 979-541-1259 for more!

We offer the purchase of performing and nonperforming short and long-term notes. While the short-term notes offer a higher rate or return, they are also a higher risk. Because of this, we consider this investment opportunity to be semi-passive. Our long-term note purchases should be considered truly passive as even in the event of foreclosure we will purchase the note back. To learn more about these exciting opportunities click on the button below!

Invest in our Private Equity Fund and enjoy truly passive investing. Our system was developed to provide our managers the opportunity to take advantage of the best assets available at the time with the goal of yielding the highest return at the lowest risk. This could include houses, apartments, commercial realĀ estate assets, or real estate notes. To learn more or request our private placement memorandum click the button below.