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Our Rehab/Flip Loan is 100% Asset-Based. There are no credit, income, or reserve requirements.

Term of 6 Months

Interest rate 12.99%
Up front points of 4

Maximum Loan-To-Value
(LTV) is 70%

Rehab/Flip Loan Application Requirements:

Purchase Contract, Assignments, and Amendments

To accurately calculate our obligations for your loan at closing, we require the Contract, any Assignments, and all Amendments when you first submit your loan application. Any delay in submitting these forms will prevent your application from being approved.

Scope of Work / Repair Estimate

Having a detailed scope of work, including cost of labor and materials, and details on the materials being used (if applicable - framing doesn't require detailed materials list, but flooring on the other hand, should), will assist in calculating the after-repair value. Failing to provide detailed repair estimates will result in a low appraisal, and lower loan amount. If you need assistance in providing a quality Scope of Work, see our example forms.

Property Photos

It is crucial to the application process that high quality, easily-viewable photos are submitted. The biggest tip - you can't provide us too many. The more photos, the better. If the photos you submit are not easy to view, or you don't provide enough, it will effectively stop your application process.

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(Actual Photos of an ILS client Rehab/Flip Loan Recipient)

Rehab/Flip Good Faith Estimate

Rehab/Flip Documents Required For Processing

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Loan process aside, we understand the challenges you may face when trying to purchase your first or next investment. We want to save you the headache. Our Rehab/Flip loans are approved and processed by seasoned, professional investors. We provide you no hidden fees, simple loan applications, and a reliable team concerned with your long-term success.


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We understand the difference that excellent customer service makes, so we made it our priority to provide that to our clients. ILS was founded by investors for investors. We have walked in your shoes and want to save you the headaches that we faced when we started out. We know what you’re looking for, what you need and what you expect. We strive to not only meet these needs but to exceed them. Don't just think of us as your lender, think of us as your lending partner.

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