Wrapable Loan
Inspired By Innovation


What is a Wrapable Loan?  

Inspired by innovation, we present to you the Wrapable Loan. Our wrapable is competitive, cutting edge, and one of a kind. This loan product is unique - it allows you to turn a property into a note. How can this be done? We do not have a "due on sale clause", which allows you to sell the property on owner-finance terms and 'wrap' that note around the one you have with us. You become the lender - and keep the interest difference (this is sometimes called "the spread").

Term of 20 Years With
No Balloon Payment
Fixed Rate

Interest Rate 8.49-8.99%
Up Front Points Of 4

Maximum Loan-To-Value
(LTV) is 70%

Why Owner-Finance?

Imagine a standard, rent-worthy house that you have just finished repairing. Below, we will compare the profitability of the different strategies of managing a rental vs. owner-financing using our wrapable note. This is a bare-bones breakdown of the expenses, will not include closing costs - only a rough overview of the profit and loss statements for each.

Rental Loan (20-yr, 7% Interest Rate)

After- Repair Value (ARV):  $100,000.00
Loan Amount: $70,000.00
 Monthly Cashflow: $127.29
 Annual Cashflow: $1,527.48

Rental Annual Profit and Loss

Rental Income: $14,400.00 Taxes: $1,000.00
Insurance: $800.00
Loss-to-Lease (Vacancy): $2,160.00
Note Payment: $6,512.52
Maintenance: $1,200.00
Management: $1,200.00
 Total Income:  $14,400.00  Total Expenses:  $12,872.52

Wrapable Loan (20-yr, 8% Interest Rate)

After- Repair Value (ARV):  $100,000.00
Loan Amount: $70,000.00
 Monthly Cashflow: $465.71
 Annual Cashflow: $5,588.52

Wrapable Annual Profit and Loss

Income*: $12,614.64 Note Payment: $7,026.12
 Total Income:  $12,614.64  Total Expenses:  $7,026.12

*Wrapable "Income" is from the note with the end-buyer.

Wrapable Good Faith Estimate

Wrapable Documents Required For Processing

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