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Invest with Power and Wisdom. Invest with ILS Short Term Fund I.

Our Expert Team

Our management team has experience in houses, apartments, commercial real estate assets and real estate notes. They have personally succeeded in investing in these areas within their own portfolios. Now they are poised to do it again and again on a larger scale and offer the same investment opportunity to other qualified investors.

Our Mission

We developed a unique system that provides our managers with the opportunity to take advantage of the best assets available at the time, with the goal of yielding the highest return at the lowest risk. This could include houses, apartments, commercial real estate assets or real estate notes.

What We Invest In and Why

This fund was uniquely written so we can invest in real state lien notes secured by investment property with a maximum loan to value of 75%. We can also invest in physical assets such as houses, apartment complexes and other commercial assets with either a 30% equity or a 10% cap rate. Most funds available to investors are limited to either notes or physical assets. Our unique design allows us to purchase assets when prices are low and sell when are prices are high. We believe this will allow us to produce high yields for our investors at any point in the market cycle, while minimizing risk.

Example: It is possible for housing prices to be strong, while apartment prices are weak in the same city and vice versa. Likewise, when housing prices are high and good deals on them are scarce, lending and buying notes is very lucrative.

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Distinctly Designed

What sets ILS funds apart from others is our unique infrastructure. They are masterfully designed to take advantage of the real estate market cycles.

Attentive to Market Cycles

We invest by keeping a close watch on the market cycles. Real estate sales volumes and prices fluctuate greatly over time, and different asset classes fluctuate at different times as well. 


Knowing the market cycles and having over a decade of experience and knowledge in them allows us to plan ahead and invest wisely. 

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- "When you invest, you are buying a day that you don't have to work." - Aya Laraya

Meet the Mangers

Donald Sutton - Co-Founder and President

Donald Sutton has spent over 20 years in hard money and asset-based lending, starting with personal Real Estate Investing in Single-Family Rentals and Mobile Home Parks. After self- directing his IRA, he expanded to the Houston market, lending on Single-Family Rentals and Apartments. He began lending as an alternative to the stock market - to get a consistent rate of return on investments for his entire family. His passion is to help people learn about building wealth with their IRA Funds.

Tom Berry - Co-Founder and CEO

Tom Berry is an established, seasoned real estate investor and teacher in the greater Houston Area. He started out in real estate by purchasing properties in 2008. Over the next decade, Tom raised over 18 million dollars for the acquisition of real estate assets. Over 70% of that amount was from self-directed IRA clients. Some of the real estate assets include; single-family, multi-family, single-tenant commercial, office, mobile home park, and self-storage facilities. Tom is dedicated to assisting fellow real estate investors to pursue their dreams of financial freedom and building long-term wealth.