Fix & Flip Loans

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Flip Real Estate Texas

Interest rate 9.99% - 13.99% (Depending On Credit)

4 Points at Closing

Term of 6 - 12 Months

Maximum Loan-To-Cost
(LTC) is 100%

Getting the cash you need to flip real estate is a breeze with Investor Loan Source. We offer quick, low-cost flip property loans designed to get your investment moving. Our lending approach is asset-based; our focus is on the quality of the investment rather than the quality of the investor. Our team of experts knows the Texas market inside and out, and they know a great flip investment when they see one.

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Texas Fix & Flip Loan Packages

Fix & Flip A Fix & Flip B Fix & Flip C Fix & Flip Major Rehab
All Texas Properties
1-4 Family, Non-Owner Occupied
25K - 1MM Loan Size
6 - 12 Month Terms
LLC Ownership Only
Interest Rate: 9.99% Interest Rate: 11.99% Interest Rate: 13.99% Interest Rate: 13.99%
700 Credit Score 600 Credit Score No Minimum Credit Score! 600 Credit Score
75% LTV 70% LTV  70% LTV 70% LTV
100% LTC 100% LTC  100% LTC 100% LTC
50% of Rehab Cash on Hand Required 25% of Rehab Cash on Hand Required  No Cash on Hand Required 25% of Rehab Cash on Hand Required
30% Maximum Rehab Amount compared to ARV 30% Maximum Rehab Amount compared to ARV 30% Maximum Rehab Amount compared to ARV No Max Rehab Amount
No Down Payment No Down Payment No Down Payment No Down Payment

Rehab/Flip Loan Application Requirements:

Purchase Contract, Assignments, and Amendments

To accurately calculate our obligations for your loan at closing, we require the Contract, any Assignments, and all Amendments when you first submit your loan application. Any delay in submitting these forms will prevent your application from being approved.

Scope of Work / Repair Estimate

Having a detailed scope of work, including cost of labor and materials, and details on the materials being used (if applicable - framing doesn't require detailed materials list, but flooring on the other hand, should), will assist in calculating the after-repair value. Failing to provide detailed repair estimates will result in a low appraisal, and lower loan amount. If you need assistance in providing a quality Scope of Work you may use the one provided when filling out your application.

Property Photos

It is crucial to the application process that high quality, easily-viewable photos are submitted. The biggest tip - you can't provide us too many. The more photos, the better. If the photos you submit are not easy to view, or you don't provide enough, it will effectively stop your application process.

Flip Property Loans Texas

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Texas Fix & Flip Good Faith Estimate

Texas Fix & Flip Documents Required For Processing

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Flip Real Estate Texas

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Offering tiered products for every investor and providing funds for both your contract and rehab. No credit requirement options available! We have successfully assisted hundreds of investors with Fix & Flip projects and can help you with yours!

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Offering rental loan options for every investor. Whether you need to purchase a property, or refinance one you already own, you can choose from multiple loan products ranging from 5 to 30 year terms!


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