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We're Not Just Another Private or Hard Money Lender

Securing funding for real estate investing can be a challenge and drain your time and resources. Banks are reluctant to provide real estate investing funding, finding private lenders for real estate loans is difficult, and getting a flexible real estate owner-financed loan is next to impossible. Investor Loan Source (ILS) was designed with you in mind and was created by real estate investors for real estate investors to solve the problems of financing. Our single mission is to provide high-quality investment property loans to private real estate investors with the lowest costs possible.

Our process for providing real estate investor funding is unique. We place more emphasis on the hard asset and value of the collateral (property) and less on the borrower. Our asset-based real estate investment loan model means we can provide more money to more investors than is available from standard bank loan models. If you’ve been seeking out a hard money loan for a real estate investment, you know that finding lenders who will loan cash for buying and fixing properties on a short timeline is difficult. At ILS, providing real estate investor loans is our business; it’s all we do. We offer several business real estate loan products designed to serve a variety of investor and property profiles, including loans for properties to sell on owner finance.

Your customer experience matters to us. Our loan products were created to meet the needs of today’s investor, our office staff is reliable and highly trained, and we have simplified a typically arduous process. ILS is more than simply a lender for real estate investors; we’re your partner in building a successful and lucrative real estate business. When you work with ILS to finance your real estate deals, you’ll find the products and the help you need to take your business to the next level.

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