Fix and Flip Loans

Hassle-Free Fix & Flip Loans

There are many options available that help real estate entrepreneurs fund a flip.  Banks, business partners, and even family members may want in on the enormous profits real estate flipping can deliver.  Many times these investors get too involved in too many aspects of a project, creating conflict, slowing down progress, and introducing un-necessary stress.

Investor Loan Source is a private money lender.  We don’t answer to banks, Wall Street investors, or other parties.  We have absolute autonomy to structure rehab loan terms that make sense for our borrowers and unlike banks, we base our decisions on the strength of the deal.

We love to work on fix and flip loans for beginners as well as short-term purchase loans for seasoned professionals. Our experienced and courteous customer service team can explain every step of the process in detail, proving a borrower the insight they need to make good financial decisions. We can also fly through an approval process in as little as 5 business days for deals that are more buttoned-up.

We’ve been providing loans for flipping houses since 2014.


Advantages of our Fix and Flip Loans

  • Up to 90% of property purchase amount
  • 100% financing on rehab costs
  • Up to 70% ARV

Fund A Flip on Your Terms

  • Bring us your deal. Tell us your vision.
  • Get the cash you need to fund your dreams.

Fix and Flip Frequently Asked Questions

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