Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Real Estate Investment Loan

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Thanks to real estate shows on television like Flip this House and Flip or Flop, more people are interested in real estate investing. While there’s money to made flipping houses and renovating properties, going into the process expecting to make a huge profit off your first flip isn’t realistic. Successful real estate investors build their investments over time by achieving modest returns on their investment. Keep reading to more about common mistakes and how to avoid them achieve long-term success.

Mistake #1 – Not Running the Numbers

The reality is that not every home is a good investment even if the price seems right. Before you take out a real estate loan, you need to run the numbers and determine your profit margin. How much do you need to put into the house? How long can the house stay on the market for you to still make the profit you want? Many first-time investors have ended up losing money on their investment because they didn’t prepare ahead of time.

Mistake #2 – Not Having Enough Cash Reserves

Even when you run the numbers, there are still times when things pop up. In fact, since most investment homes are foreclosures or short sales, it’s not uncommon to find maintenance issues that need to be fixed. When you take out a real estate investment loan in Texas, set aside part of that money for those expenses that come up like replacing an HVAC unit or water heater.

Mistake #3 – Listening to the Wrong Opinions

Every one has an opinion about everything, but that doesn’t mean those opinions are right. People are well meaning but that doesn’t mean you need to listen to their thoughts about your investment. Instead, surround yourself with people in the industry who have experience. Investment loans aren’t the same as traditional mortgage loans. Taking advice from the wrong people could cost you money.

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Mistake #4 – Not Researching Your Lending Options

Many first-time house flippers start by applying for a loan from their bank or a traditional mortgage company. Soon after applying, they learn that it’s not as easy as they thought to get a loan. That’s because conventional lenders aren’t as invested in investment real estate. They see these transactions as risky, and if they do loan you the money to purchase the property, there might be restrictions about how long you have to live in the house before selling or you might be required to put down a large down payment.

Real estate investor loans in Texas operate differently. They are designed specifically for flippers, renovators, etc. The terms of the loan are more relaxed, the funding is quicker, and approval rates higher.

Real estate investing offers the opportunity for sustainable growth and financial freedom, but you have to start small and with the right information. You need people backing your venture who understand the unique needs and challenges that house flippers face. If you’re ready to find a real estate loan in Texas for your first project (or your second, third, fourth, etc.),  visit Investor Loan Source at https://ils.cash and start the application process today!