Top Private Equity Strategies Investors Should Know

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Private equity has long been a strong investment opportunity and has shown little signs of slowing down. This type of investing allows those looking to invest to purchase shares of private companies. There are a number of strategies that can be used by investors that are looking for private equity investment. Here are some of the top private equity investment strategies that investors should know.

Venture Capital

Every year there are a large number of new companies forming. Many of these companies need investment but have little or no record of profitability. While they may be new and have a short history, new industries continue to pop up and some of these companies become extremely successful. Finding the right one of these companies could allow you to easily invest and escape in a short period of time with a large profit. Investors that are able to successfully determine which of these new companies will grow in the coming years will see the highest profits.

Real Estate

Real estate has long been a popular investment strategy and continues to be today. There are four primary strategies used for private equity real estate investment: core, core plus, value-added, and opportunistic. Core real estate investments offer a low, predictable return but are low risk. Core plus investments will require some form of value-added and, therefore, feature moderate risk and reward. Value-added properties will feature medium to high risk and reward, depending on which property you purchase. The idea is to improve the property and sell it for a profit. Opportunistic properties are the highest risk as they need the most amount of enhancements before being sold for a profit.

Growth Capital

Venture capital investments can be very profitable, but it can be difficult to determine if a new company will be successful. A safer bet is growth capital investments. These companies are mature with proven business models. This allows you to make a more analysis-based decision on your investment. Most of these companies are looking for minority capital for the purpose of expanding or restructuring operations, entering new markets, or financing a major acquisition. These companies have been successful and have some capital but need some more investment to achieve certain goals.

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Mezzanine Financing

Another option instead of growth capital for established companies is mezzanine financing. This type of financing is used to finance the expansion of a company. The companies take on debt capital and will give the lender the ability to take on ownership or equity interest if the loan isn’t repaid in a timely manner or in full. An advantage of this type of investment is that these companies are well-established with a successful product or reputation in the industry. They will have a history of profitability and a viable expansion plan. Many established companies use this method of raising capital as they won’t have to give up much equity ownership if they are able to repay their loans. However, this type of investment forces the lender to take on greater risk as the financing isn’t collateralized.

There are a number of ways that an investor can invest in private equity. The right type of strategy depends on how much risk they are willing to take on and the level of return they want to expect. These are some of the top strategies that private equity investors should know. Contact Investor Loan Source if you’re looking for private real estate investors in Texas.